Private Lessons

Swing Dance Winnipeg recommends: PRIVATE LESSONS!

Private lessons are a fabulous way to improve your dancing. You get targeted instruction and can make a lot of progress, especially combined with plenty of practice and social dancing.

One lesson, or a few, or many – give it a try.

Feel free to contact a few instructors and see who you connect with; every teacher is different and usually every teacher has useful things to pass on to us, so you may want to eventually take privates with more than one instructor.

Teacher Types of Dance
Wesley Edmunds Blues, Lindy Hop
Julia Fleming Blues
Nathan Lee Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jive, Blues, East Coast, Lindy Rueda, Shim Sham (Frankie and Dean Collins), Tranky Doo, Collegiate Shag, West Cost Swing, Balboa (other dances too – please inquire)
Gaby Macklin West Coast Swing, Jive, beginner Lindy Hop
Bailey Olfert Lindy Hop
Suneil Pandey Lindy Hop, American Jive, East Coast, Blues (and wedding dances)
Joshua Peters Lindy Hop