Whether you’re just starting, looking for a new style to try, or wanting a refresher, group lessons are a great place to look.

Group lessons are affordable, fun, and get you out there meeting some of the wonderful people in our scene.

There are several places in Winnipeg that offer group lessons.

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The University of Manitoba Swing Dance Club (UMSwing) is an entirely student-run organization that operates under the umbrella of the University of Manitoba Student’s Union (UMSU). UMSwing is non-profit and works towards being able to provide affordable dance lesson to students and non-students. Although the majority of members are students, UMSwing is open to everyone and boasts members of all ages and skill levels. UMSwing welcomes anyone of any ages, even those who think they have two left feet or cannot dance, and they welcome the opportunity to prove you wrong!

Website: umswing.ca



Hepcat Studio

Based in Winnipeg, Hepcat Studio is a dance company that is committed to raising awareness and promoting the benefits of swing dancing. Hepcat Studio provides numerous services to its clients including dance lessons, DJs, and demos. Starting in September 2009, Hepcat Studio was founded by Suneil Pandey and Keith Tang.

Website: winnipegswing.com



Elemental Swing

Elemental Swing is here to teach anyone how to swing dance, from the foundation, up!

Our instructors believe that dancers need a strong understanding of all the basic elements of swing to get the most enjoyment from the dance. They have been trained internationally and are bringing their expertise back to Winnipeg in order to make you the best dancer you can be!

Come join us on the dance floor for our beginner classes, and start your new dancing adventure with Elemental Swing!

Facebook: facebook.com/elementalswing/

Email: elementalswing@gmail.com