Warm it up!

We will get ready for a great day of dancing and learning together! Don’t be late my students love this part!

Making Artisanal Basics

Everyone loves dancing with you if you have an amazing basic. I have traveled the world and seen how everywhere you go at all levels people are always working on their basic especially at the highest levels. I’ll be breaking it down and building it up so everyone has a great foundation and amazing pulse to help you have a basic that’s like a comfort food. Dancing is like an ice cream sundae and the basic is the ice cream. If you want to make an amazing ice cream sundae you need to start with the best ice cream.

The Joy of Dance! Swing-Out for Life

This is our favorite move. Arguably it’s the best move on the planet. It can be learned in a day but takes a lifetime to master. In search of the mighty Gush. There and back again: a swing-out tale. Teamwork and rhythm! This is a move that brings Lindy Hop energy! When you first experience what a swing out is really all about it’s hard to go back to regular life.

Dancing With Anyone!

The sign of an amazing dancer is the ability to dance with anyone at any level and find the creativity and fun in every dance. Everyone comes to the dance with a background and history that makes them a really neat individual. Everyone’s bodies and the way they move are different. Finding out all the neat ways you can work together to dance to the song that is the best part of this dance. I enjoy every dance I have and I can show you how to as well! We are going to dance together and find out what we can do to make sure everyone likes dancing with you because you know how to dance with them!


Dance like the music is your other partner. In this class we try to bring out the music and find all those great moments that really bring the dance life! Work together with your dance partner to anticipate, understand and embody the music.

Topics include:

  • Nailing the Breaks
  • Musical Structure
  • Banjolele Time!



One of the great things about the Lindy Hop is that it does not take itself too seriously. In this class we will be keeping the lindy hop weird, improvising and embodying characters and music in creative ways. This class has been taught by Read at Herrang Dance Camp five times by popular request and is often touted as one of the funnest dance classes ever had! Get ready to say yes to dance and creativity! (bonus points if you bring a silly hat)

Moves for Days

Moves are a great way to show off your musicality and silly-ocity and look cool while doing it. I’ve got lots that I have collected in my travels and I’ll share them with you!

Story Time

Swing dance is really great because of all the history, and because the dance is still alive today! Read has traveled all over the world from New York the birthplace of the Lindy Hop, New Orleans the birthplace of Jazz, Sweden the largest swing dance camp in the world, to Korea the largest swing dance scene in the world and has attended hundreds of events since 2008. As founder of the Spring Fling workshops in Edmonton, Read has had a chance to host international instructors every year for a week in May and has lots of stories to share from them as well.

Topics may include:

  • History of the Dance
  • Savoy!
  • Frankie
  • Community
  • Revival
  • Modern Bands
  • Instructor Stories
  • Events
  • Culture
  • Fashion
  • Values