SDW Field Trip – Dancing on the Ave. with Nightfall

Hello Swing dancers!

We almost missed this amazing opportunity! TONIGHT, a local swing band called “Nightfall” will be playing on Corydon Ave for their concert series, and what better time to Lindy Bomb! This is the ONLY swing/blues/jazz band that the concert series is hosting this year, so don’t miss out!

For those of you who joined us on Canada, you saw it first hand, how great it was to come together as a swing gang and show off our love of the dance and music to curious onlookers while dancing to some really great live music. What a rush!

Details about the band are at:

Additional Information:

– Outdoor venue – in previous years there has been a dance floor, but due to the majority of the public wearing non-dancing shoes, it’s advisable you to do the same as there is dirt and gravel tracked onto the dance floor.

– The group will meet there at 7pm, but feel free to come at any time during the event.

– We will aim to have SDW Field Trip stickers for you to wear as we did before if we can wrangle some up on short notice 😉 . Jacklynn will have some SDW business cards on hand though so if someone shoulder taps you about where you learned how to dance so well, hand them a card or send them to Jacklynn and she’ll give them a card.

– After the event, the group is encouraged to migrate over to Ted’s for Saturday Swing Out to cap off the night of swing dancing.

We hope to see you there!