Call for Nominations

At the Swing Dance Winnipeg annual general meeting on February 7, 2015, an election will be held for new directors.  Jacklynn S, Michelle H, Josh P, and Bailey O will continue as directors who had a two-year term. Up to five more directors may be elected to begin a two-year term immediately after the election.

Nominees need:

–       to have been a SDW member in good standing  for at least 90 days prior to their nomination

–       to be passionate about promoting the purposes of SDW

–       to have time to actively participate in board meetings and associated tasks

–       to be willing to listen to and respect various views, and support the will of the majority


Directorship is a volunteer position, and members are elected for a two-year term.

At the first board meeting, the directors will elect from among themselves a Treasurer, President, Vice-President, and Secretary for a year’s term.

If you are interested, please send your name and a few sentences about why you are pursuing a position as Director of SDW to

Nominations will close January 10, 2015 (28 days prior to the election date).